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Sai Matam


Since it is a simple program - all it takes is to save the given code into a .java file, compile and run :-) I thought it would be fun and instructive to actually run the code and experiment more.

--Sai Matam.


The answer is actually #3. You should have done a quick test before answering. And Java supports Unicode, not ASCII. It so happens J = 74 in both standards.

Sai Matam


You are right. There is a difference in using "J" (a String) and 'J' ( a char). When I first encountered this, I was very surprised. I thought I would share with everyone.

Sai Matam


You also get a different answer when using "J" versus 'J'.

However, in php you get the same answer regardless of "J" or 'J'.


Ans should be 4th option

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